Do the Hokey-Poké, that’s what it’s all about

imageA strange thing has happened. After mostly walking each day, taking in the whiffs from the park across the road, and the woodlands around them, we’ve started going to new places. Small human has started coming too. He must’ve heard that I’m enjoying looking for new whiffs. I thought whiffs were just my thing, but perhaps not. Funny business.

The strange thing is though he seems totally blasé about any really fruity whiffs we come across in the hedges or the gutters. Instead he is staring at what I think is a tiny TV.  He wanders along sometimes making sudden excited stops and then catching up with me and big human again.

There are others we see when we’re out now, humans we’ve never seen on our walks before. They are also staring at their tiny TVs too?  And judging by their translucent appearance I don’t believe they’ve ever actually been on a walk before. Not during the day, anyway.

I did start to wonder if my humans had changed my name. They still say Daisy a lot, but I hear the word Pokémon too – is this another dog?  Surely there’d be a whiff. I don’t make out I understand it, but if we’re out looking for a dog called Pokémon, then frankly I hope we never find him, as these walks in different places are the best!


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