A lingering whiff of 2015

It’s been a while, eh? I’ve settled into a lovely routine of wondering, walking and whiffing. It’s a dog’s life. Well this dog, anyway. Walks have become shorter which is bothersome, and the sky isn’t there when I look up, much of the time – funny business.

But I sense a change coming. The humans have a tree in the house. I think they’ve finally lost their minds. I’ve seen it coming for a while. There are jingly bells attached to so many things that you only need to brush past an open door, or the back of a chair, and something will jangle and chime, that used to be silent.

I thought I’d sum up my thoughts on the closing of a year, and see what we’ve got to look forward to in 2016.

I started the year in a different home with a different name, different people and a totally different way of life. Then these crazy-tree-in-the-house humans arrived, and took me away. I remember snarling and snapping my lovely sharp teeth at them all. I feared that just when it couldn’t get any worse, it might! Actually, these weirdos are ok. They feed me roast dinners, I have lovely meaty rice and pasta dinners cooked for me much of the time. I have toys. I have fresh blankets whenever I make them whiff. I have a thing they call ‘sweeeeeeteeeeez’ however unlike the sweeties I know, they generally taste of beef or cheese. I’m not complaining – I just think they’re idiots who don’t know a sweetie when they see one.

I tweet. I blog. I am very much a 21st century pooch. I love the simple things in life too. A stick. An open car window. Scratchy floor tiles to slide along. The postman. Sausages. I’m a lucky dog. I seem to have fallen on my feet. All four of them.

My hopes for the New Year? More of the above, I would think. Cuddles. Walks. I’d like to see the sky make a comeback. One-eyed dog. Skip. Monty and Henry. More sticks.

Dog bless us…everyone.



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