Furry Godmother

I am delighted to report to you that we’ve not played hide and seek once in the last couple of weeks. That’s so last season. We’ve had some lovely walks and I’ve heard human talking about me a lot – and always the same story. Clearly that game affected her more than I realised. Gradually, the story gets a little shorter each time I hear her tell it.

Strangely, we took a drive to a new place recently, where she told a stranger the story! (Is she getting paid to tell people?) Well, I say a stranger. She was lovely. She had a small house at the back of a shop, and there were other dogs there. As we arrived, a dog was leaving. A fluffy, soft looking dog. It looked like a cartoon dog – when they look so fluffy they can’t be real. It was real though, and the reason I knew? The WHIFF!

Before I knew it, I was being abandoned at the stranger’s small house. Human said goodbye and smiled a lot as she walked away. Funny business.

While human was gone, and after a brief time I spent hiding beneath a chair, assessing the situation, stranger cleaned and brushed and trimmed and pulled and smoothed and tidied and squirted me. All over. A lot. It was terribly weird. But weirdly enjoyable. Not only that, but stranger fed me some delicious chicken. What IS this strange place? Is this my furry godmother?


Human returned later. I wonder if she was just trying to teach me a lesson? Ah well, I probably asked for it.

i can tell you that many photographs were taken – it’s a pity we don’t have scratch and sniff technology as I would really love to share this unusually fragrant whiff with you. I think, on reflection, I rather loved my visit to a stranger, and suggest that any other dogs reading this, should insist their humans take them to see her too.

Once in a a while, fragrant is good.

(Note from human: Furry Godmother is actually Debbie at Clip and Dip dog groomer’s based at the back of DH Water Gardens at Wyevale Garden Centre, Sherfield-on-Loddon… http://www.clipanddip.co.uk and I also recommend it to all dogs reading this…and their humans.)