A Whiff of Freedom

For those who know me, you’ll be familiar with my need for new and interesting whiffs. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as discovering a good whiff in an unexpected place. This week I’ve had a whiff of a completely different kind. I’ve had a whiff of freedom. And it was gooood.

Human took me over to the park. She’s in a pretty good routine, and my efforts to train her are really starting to pay off. She usually has some fairly decent treats in her pocket, and she’s not at all stingy with them. (Unlike the tall human who never brings ANYTHING to eat on a walk.) She does require me to perform like some circus clown sometimes, by sending me away and then immediately calling me back (like some delinquent). But I usually take pity on what perhaps is low self esteem and separation anxiety, and go running back to her as requested.

Well, either she’s lost the plot or her mind was elsewhere, as I noticed she’d dropped my string and seemed thoroughly unconcerned about it. Funny business. I stayed fairly close by in case she exhibited other strange behaviour. I know she feeds me foul breakfasts, and torments me with the vacuum cleaner, but I’m quite fond of her.

Perhaps she’ll begin to do it more often. Paws crossed.image


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