Oh I do like to bark beside the seaside

I like the whiff of the seaside.

I’ve been to Southsea and Bornemouth and I like the smell of both. There is a strange surface under foot that moves when you walk on it. It sticks to my nose too – funny business. The small humans dig holes in it. I like to dig holes. I like the small humans. There’s moving water that keeps pretending to chase me and then it moves away again, and then it pretends to chase me, and then it moves away again, and then…well, you get the idea. I quite like the game, but it gets a bit predictable.

imageI have been barking at passing dogs. There are dogs at the seaside that aren’t allowed to come and play with me. Their humans seem to be set on walking past with as little fun and conversation as is possible. So I bark. I think it helps, in case they haven’t seen me. So far all that happens is my human gets quite cross and speaks to me with a grumpy voice, while pulling my string tight.

Will I ever get off this string?


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